Fivebow easyto use exercise device designed to focus on the toe


Benefits of the Fivebow

Our foot and ankle are complex mechanical structures containing 26 bones, 33 joints (20 which are actively articulated) and hundreds of muscles, tendons and ligaments. The Fivebow is designed to exercise your toes with resistance made with dancers, runners and active people in mind. 

The Base
Strong feet and toes are the foundation of a strong posture and balance.

The Pain
Cramping, stiffness and pain can be caused by lack of mobility, articulation and strength of the toes.

Fivebow may help the following conditions:

Stress fractures by strengthen the toe muscles (ideal for runners).

Hammer toes by lengthening and stretching the toes. (shoes are a major cause specially high heels).

Plantar fasciitis by stretching the achilles tendon and calf muscles.( shoes that restrict articulation of the feet like golf shoes).

The Exercise
Like any other part of the body the toes need to be exercised to avoid deterioration and discomfort.

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How-to Videos

These simple and short videos are broken in to four parts: the components, how to work the plantar flexion, how to work the dorsiflexion and additional exercises.

The Components 

How to Work the PlantAr Flexion

How to Work the Dorsiflexion

Other easy ways to exercise with the Fivebow 

Fivebow Strengthen from the base.